Plumbing Repairs in Toronto

Leaside Plumbing offers professional and fast service for all of your plumbing repair needs.

Plumbing Repair & Maintenance

Prevent Emergencies 

The easiest way to avoid a costly and inconvenient plumbing emergency is to schedule regular maintenance. You can count on Leaside Plumbing and Heating for fast and efficient service.

A visit from one of our licensed technicians can help protect the value of your home and can go a long way to saving you time and money in the future.

Avoid High Water Bills

Schedule an appointment at your convenience with Leaside Plumbing for a complete home inspection. We will quickly identify the source of the problem, and give you cost-saving options.

We can also discover problems you don’t even know to exist. Recently we helped a customer who had an undetected leak in an outside hose. One quick visit from Leaside Plumbing for plumbing repair helped save hundreds of dollars in water costs.

Our home maintenance inspection also includes thorough testing of toilets and faucets for running water.

Fixing Leaky Pipes

Leaving a leaky pipe untreated can lead to more unexpected bills as it can cause water damage to paint, walls and even flooring, so you definitely want to schedule a plumbing repair before things get worse!

Signs of a Leaky Pipe

A leaky pipe may not always be obvious to a homeowner, especially when there is just a pinhole leak, so it’s important to call a plumber when you see any of these warning signs of a hidden leak:


  1. Blistering paint or wallpaper.
  2. Mould or mildew where there should be no moisture.
  3. A wall that is warped or water-stained.
  4. Floor that is buckling or water-stained.
  5. Water stain on the ceiling.
  6. A ceiling that is starting to sag.
  7. Musty smell coming from a specific area (accumulated water).
  8. A puddle of water appears suddenly.

At Leaside Plumbing, we will quickly locate the source of the leak and fix the problem – we repair pinhole leaks in copper water pipes and plastic pipes. We can also fix leaking drains and broken cast iron stacks.

What if my home has older pipes?


Older homes are more susceptible to leaks due to the use of galvanized steel water pipes, which were commonly used until copper became the new standard. These pipes, which last approximately forty years, can corrode at the joints which leads to unexpected leaks. Check your water pressure by turning on the hot water – if it’s low, then the galvanized steel may have become corroded, plugging up the pipe (the hot water pipe is usually the first to go). It’s also possible that copper pipes have been attached to galvanized pipes, and while that may appear to fix the problem, it is only a temporary solution.

Contact Leaside Plumbing for a free consultation. We will give you the best advice, and discuss the options that are available to you.

Thawing Frozen Pipes

Dealing with winter weather is a fact of life here in Canada, and the cold climate brings its own set of seasonal plumbing problems. A frozen pipe in the middle of winter is more than just an inconvenience of the loss of water. Water expands in an unprotected pipe, which can cause it to rupture or burst, resulting in major flood damage to your home. You can avoid this with preventative plumbing repairs.

How to deal with frozen pipes


As with any plumbing emergency, first, turn off the water at the shut-off valve!


The next step is to call Leaside Plumbing at (416) 423-8682 as our advanced pipe thawing machine will unfreeze your pipes safely and quickly.


It’s important to have a frozen pipe thawed as soon as possible, and at Leaside Plumbing we can bring the right pipe thawing machine to your home on the same day you call us.


No job is too small for us, and your emergency is always our top priority!

Helpful Tips to Help Prevent Frozen Pipes


While we can’t control the temperature, there are a few things you can do to avoid having to experience frozen pipes in your home.


  1. Use the shut-off valve to completely drain the water remaining in all outside water pipes and hose faucets. Pay attention to the water lines that may not be properly insulated – the garage, basement or even the attic.
  2. Ensure all the pipes in your home are insulated by scheduling an appointment with Leaside Plumbing in the fall – we will thoroughly inspect your plumbing system for problem areas and offer recommendations to prevent your pipes from freezing.
  3. When you go on holiday, leave your furnace on low – do not turn it off completely as there may be a cold snap while you’re away which could cause the pipes to freeze.
  4. Keep cabinet doors slightly ajar, to improve the circulation of hot air throughout your home.
  5. Keep the garage door closed if it has a water supply.

Replace Kitec Plumbing

Kitec plumbing is another problem we can help with – as an alternative to copper pipes, they were marketed as corrosion-resistant pipes and widely used in houses and condominiums from 1995 to 2007. They were recalled in 2005 as it was found that corrosion was actually accelerated, and they are no longer manufactured.


Both excessive water pressure and hotter-than-average water temperature can cause Kitec pipes to leak or completely burst, which causes flooding, and we recommend a complete retrofit with copper pipes.


At Leaside Plumbing, we can identify any Kitec pipes in your home and provide you with cost-effective solutions.


Contact us for a quote to replace your entire plumbing system.

Faucet Repairs

Are you hearing a constant drip coming from the bathroom or kitchen? Don’t let that leaky faucet keep you up at night anymore, schedule your plumbing repair to get the problem fixed quickly and hassle-free!

It doesn’t matter what brand of faucet you have, or whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom or even outside – we will identify the source of the leak and have it fixed in no time.

We also repair all brands from Kohler, Delta, Moen, and Riobel to European brands like Grohe, and Nicolazzi. Your faucets are safe with us.

Toilet Repairs and/or Replacement

Signs of toilet trouble include


  1. If your toilet isn’t flushing properly (blockage)
  2. Slow-moving toilet water
  3. The toilet moves slightly when you sit on it
  4. Waste water leaking from the side of the toilet


If you are experiencing any of the above issues, Leaside Plumbing can help! If anything else is clogged, it may be a sign of something bigger (sewer line backup). You can count on our experienced team to identify and fix the problem.

If you own an older toilet, keep in mind they require a large amount of water to flush. Newer toilets only use 4-6 litres per flush, so it may be more efficient to replace the toilet vs pay for a costly plumbing repair.


In the long run, you could see tremendous savings on your water bill. At Leaside Plumbing, we will help you make the right decision. You will receive an honest assessment from us; we won’t recommend costly repairs when a replacement may provide more savings. Our customers come first, which is the main reason our business has been built on recommendations.


If you need to replace a toilet, contact our team of experienced and licensed plumbers, who can walk you through the process – choosing the style that is right for you while staying within your own budget.

Showers and Bathtubs

Showers and bathtubs get a lot of use, which means problems need to be fixed quickly and efficiently.


Leaside Plumbing offers expert shower plumbing repairs and installations, and we accept any job, no matter how small! Call us if a shower faucet won’t turn off, if you want to change the fixtures, or even if you want to upgrade to a more modern style. 


Is your bath or shower leaking but not quite ready for a full bathroom reno? We can usually replace a shower valve without requiring costly tile repairs.  Call us for a personal visit from one of our technicians to discuss your needs.

Hose Faucets Maintenance

Leaks outside the house are not always obvious. Sometimes only a high water bill will alert you to the problem. You can avoid a plumbing emergency by scheduling a maintenance visit to detect any issues that may cause a problem in the future. Whether it’s a cracked pipe at the end of a long winter, a blockage in the opening, or a leaky frost-proof pipe, we can help. Let us help you prevent unnecessary plumbing repairs.

Sump Pump Maintenance

A sump pump can sit unused in your basement for months on end, but when you need it, you need it to work. Whether there is unexpected flooding from heavy rainfall or a burst pipe in the basement, the sump pump will remove the excess water.

At Leaside Plumbing, we have first-hand experience repairing and maintaining all makes and models of sump pumps. We recommend an annual inspection of sump pumps in the spring.  A power outage or a pump failure can spell disaster, and you may want to have a backup plan.  

Our technicians have extensive knowledge and first-hand experience with some of the latest battery backup technology available in the market.

Water Heater Repair Services

Problems with a water heater can be a severe issue. That’s why we treat every emergency call-out with the same degree of urgency. Every member of our plumbing team is prepared to respond to emergencies as swiftly as possible, providing practical and convenient solutions for our customers.

Many plumbing problems can have more than one cause, but any of the issues below may indicate a problem with your gas water heater. Schedule an appointment with one of our licensed plumbers if you experience any of the following problems: 

No plumbing repair is too small for our team of licensed plumbers. If it’s an emergency for you, it is our top priority. Leaside Plumbing offers fast and professional service on all brands of water heaters in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

  • No hot water?

    Check if the pilot light is on as without it gas will not be delivered through the valve. Also, check to ensure the gas has been turned on.

  • Water is too hot?

    This is likely an issue with the thermostat on the gas water heater. It may be defective.

  • Not enough hot water?

    This could be a problem with the thermostat or an indication of a clogged vent or flue. We also can’t rule out a faulty dip tube, the plastic tubing which carries cold water to the bottom of the tank.

  • No Pilot Light?

    This may indicate a problem with the thermocouple or you may have a bad gas valve, which stops the gas from going to the pilot light or burner. Some modern water heaters only ignite the pilot flame on a call for heat, so if you’re unsure give us a call and we can help you figure this out.

  • Pilot Light won’t stay on?

    Similar to no pilot light, if the pilot light won’t stay on, this is likely an issue with the thermocouple or gas valve.

  • Burner won’t stay lit?

    This may indicate a problem with the thermocouple, or flame sensor. Other issues may be a blocked exhaust vent, or the burners may need to be cleaned and serviced.

  • Leaky pipe connection?

    Sometimes this appears as a white crust showing up at any of the joints in the piping. Do you see a dried-up watermark on top of your hot water tank? Either of these is evidence of a minor leak that could become a flood.

  • Leaky water storage tank?

    Check the floor all around the bottom of your hot water tank to look for any signs of dampness.

  • Water looks rusty or dirty?

    You may occasionally see orange-coloured rusty water when running your faucets. If you have low pressure from some faucets, there may be rust particles or pieces of plastic dip tube blocking the aerator.

  • Water smells like rotten eggs/sulphur?

    Strange odours from the hot water faucet may indicate bacterial growth in your water heater.

  • Water heater emits a high pitch whine?

    This could happen if there's an electrical issue or if a fan motor isn't operating properly.

  • Hear a rumbling noise?

    While the main burner is running you might hear a rumbling or popcorn sounds coming from inside the tank. This is evidence of an extremely calcified tank that has trapped water in pockets of sediment. This water flashes to steam resulting in the pop when it escapes into the main part of your tank.

Contact Leaside Plumbing at (416) 423-8682 to troubleshoot and fix any of the above problems – if the unit needs to be replaced, our licensed plumbers can also supply and install a new gas water heater.

Water Heater Maintenance Services

Alongside our emergency plumbing repair, we also offer routine water heater repair services. This includes replacing faulty, existing models or simply diagnosing an ongoing problem with your water heater system. We also work with all brands of electric and natural gas heaters available on the market, which means we’ve got the knowledge and skill to repair even niche equipment or older heater systems to that same exceptional standard.

Oftentimes, our customers don’t know about significant problems with their water heater systems before it is too late. If your system is over ten years old or damaged beyond repair, we also offer comprehensive replacement services from a range of well-known industry suppliers. 

We’ve hand-picked the best options on the market to provide our customers with hardwearing, practical and functional replacements for existing systems. Our team of plumbing experts is also highly respectful of your personal property, aiming to leave everything even more spotless than when we started.

For newer models of gas water heaters, safety sensors should be replaced occasionally. That’s an important plumbing job that should not be overlooked. You can count on Leaside Plumbing to get the job done efficiently, quickly and hassle-free!

Appliance Installation Services

We also offer appliance installation services that include both the electrical work and plumbing for any of the following:

  1. Washer and Dryers.
  2. Cooktops, Ovens and Stoves.
  3. Dishwashers.
  4. Refrigerators with Water Dispensers or Ice Makers.

Are you looking for a licensed, professional team of plumbers for an emergency plumbing repair or replacement of your hot water heater system? Leaside Plumbing & Heating is the team to call. We are fully qualified experts in the field of water heaters, allowing us to provide a higher standard of service and achieve results you just can’t get elsewhere in the GTA.

Contact us today for a free quote on our services, to book in scheduled work or to call in an emergency plumber today!