Drain Repair Services in Toronto

Providing fast and reliable drain repair services to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for more than thirty years. Call Toronto’s expert team for drain maintenance, repair and unblocking. There is nothing our team can’t cover — from a clogged drain inside your house to a broken drainpipe outside. With the right tools for the job, we proudly provide Toronto’s best drain maintenance services.

Available Drain Repair Services

  • Drainage System

    Drain cleaning to remove dirt and debris from both drains and pipes, repairs and installation.

  • New Water Service

    If you want to upgrade your water system, you can count on Leaside Plumbing for outstanding new water services.

  • No-Dig Technology

    We can solve many drainage problems without having to dig holes or create unnecessary openings. Our no-dig technology ensures that your drain problem is solved while keeping your house or building intact.

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Drains

    Drains in the kitchen and bathroom need to be well maintained so they continue to function properly. A simple clog could become an expensive repair. Let us prevent your drainage system from becoming a bigger problem.

When we arrive at your home, we will immediately diagnose your current drain issue. This could be a simple clog or backup, a problem with the pipes or even a root intrusion. We provide our customers with all the needed information to help them understand any repairs that are required. Our experts have extensive knowledge and experience with all types of drain repair services.

Why Choose Our Drain Repair Services?

Quick Response to Drain Emergencies

A clogged drain is an emergency – which is why you don’t want to wait for a service call. Luckily, we offer emergency weekend plumbing services in Toronto. When you call Leaside Plumbing & Heating, one of our professional drain experts will respond quickly and efficiently.

No-Dig Technology

Drain repairs shouldn’t lead to an expensive home renovation. With our equipment and expertise, many issues can be resolved without any digging. When we have to dig, we’ll keep the holes as small as possible and seal them again before we leave.

Diagnosing the problem may require a Drain Video Camera Inspection. We can look along a pipe and find the blockage or hole with only a small access point.

Top-Notch Drain Repair and Maintenance

For emergency repairs and routine maintenance, just call today to book a visit. We can fix blocked and broken drains in almost no time at all.


Leaside Plumbing won’t just attend when your bathroom is flooding or your lawn has turned into a swamp. We advise you to take preventative action, including properly maintaining your household drains so expensive problems don’t develop later on. 


If you’re worried that your kitchen or bathroom drain isn’t working as well as it should be, book an appointment to get it checked before it becomes a bigger issue. And we can quickly remove dirt and debris before any problems get worse.

Fast and Efficient Service

We know that drain repairs don’t wait until a plumber is available. Call for emergency drain repair services or schedule routine maintenance with our technicians.


We want every customer to be completely satisfied, whether they require same-day service or have a bit more time to spare. Leaside Plumbing responds quickly to emergency call-outs and turn up on time for each appointment, every time.

How Do We Guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction?

We use the latest drain-unblocking technologies, including our little drain cameras. With decades of experience, we know what works and what doesn’t. We don’t waste time and get straight to the root of the problem. And sometimes, a root really is the problem that we’re dealing with! 


We’ve seen everything, from tree roots that have punctured pipes to tangled hair that has blocked up a shower drain, so we won’t take too long to diagnose the problem and put an action plan in place.


Our customers trust us to act quickly. They know they can rely on our professional approach, with premium repair and drain maintenance services at very affordable prices. That’s why they use us time and time again, even recommending us to their friends.

Drain Cleaning Services in Toronto

Leaside Plumbing offers professional and efficient drain cleaning services in the Toronto area.


Our team of licensed and certified plumbers is equipped with the latest technology and drain machines that will clean any size drain quickly and hassle-free.


No job is too big (or small!) for us.

Common Drain Problems

Drain cleaning can prevent the most common types of problems:

  1. Clogged drain in the kitchen from grease build-up
  2. Backed-up drains in the bathroom or kitchen
  3. Blocked bathtub, basin or shower drains
  4. Tree roots in a drain pipe
  5. Blocked toilets

Avoid Clogged Drains


A drain can clog for many reasons – if your pipes haven’t been maintained you can expect rust and build-up of grease, hair and other unwanted materials.


But keeping your drains clog-free is easier than you might think, all it takes is a scheduled maintenance visit from Leaside Plumbing to avoid costly repair bills in the future.


And since a 100% one-year guarantee also backs our services, you know we will get the job done.

Book a Drain Cleaning Specialist Now


At Leaside Plumbing, our full range of drain cleaning services includes complete video camera inspection and pressure washing with sophisticated equipment.

Drain Power Flushing Services in Toronto

A clogged drain is one of the most common plumbing issues we face at Leaside Plumbing, and most blockages can be fixed quickly.


However, for residential and commercial drains, there is often more than just a small build-up of hair, grease, food or other materials. Serious problems can occur if the drains haven’t been professionally cleaned for an extended period of time. 


Not only will this result in severely clogged drains, but if not treated properly, the pipes may have to be replaced. For this type of stubborn clog, you need to call a professional plumber for drain power flushing!

What is Power Flushing?


Power flushing is a spray of highly pressurized water that will blast clogged dirt and debris through drains and sewer lines. The machines are calibrated to specific settings and nozzles, and with hydro jetting water up to 3000 PSI, we will successfully clear any and every blockage, no matter how stubborn.


Power flushing is also an excellent solution for restaurant drains, which can become clogged quickly – they have more build-up and need the problem fixed quickly. Snaking is simply not an option in this case.


At Leaside Plumbing, we have commercial-grade Power Flushing equipment to suit your specific needs.

How to deal with frozen pipes


As with any plumbing emergency, first, turn off the water at the shut-off valve!


The next step is to call Leaside Plumbing at (416) 423-8682 as our advanced pipe thawing machine will unfreeze your pipes safely and quickly.


It’s important to have a frozen pipe thawed as soon as possible, and at Leaside Plumbing we can bring the right pipe thawing machine to your home on the same day you call us.


No job is too small for us, and your emergency is always our top priority!

Drain Video Camera Inspection

At Leaside Plumbing, we are committed to high-quality and efficient plumbing services. For every project we take on, we perform a thorough evaluation of the problem to diagnose a homeowner’s plumbing problem. 

A video camera inspection is an important part of the process because it is both an accurate and non-invasive technique used to identify the cause of your current problem (and avoid future emergencies).

Video Camera Inspections allow us to see the internal portion of your underground drain. We insert a small camera designed to go through every inch and crevice of your drainage system. It is a very efficient way to detect any obstructions and our inspection can also detect if repairs or maintenance are required.

It is an excellent way for us to identify trouble spots and locations while saving you time and money!

Important Plumbing Fact:


A drain video camera inspection is required by law before using a drain snake. In the city of Toronto, drains must be inspected with a video camera before a snake is used due to the occasional instance of underground gas lines intersecting drain pipes.


Customers of Leaside Plumbing can receive a drain camera inspection at no cost.

Additional Benefits of Drain Video Camera Inspection

Buying a new home? Schedule a video inspection with Leaside Plumbing to identify any potential plumbing problems before they occur.


Remodelling your home? Before you renovate your kitchen or bathroom, your plumbing system should be checked to ensure it can handle any increase in flow.


Lost an item? Just because that valuable ring went down the drain, it doesn’t mean it has been lost! A video inspection is a low-cost way to help locate lost items quickly. Turn off the water immediately and call us.


Healthy plumbing system? A video camera inspection is a non-invasive way to check the health of your plumbing system so you can schedule maintenance before costly problems occur.

Book a Drain Video Inspection Now


If you need a Drain Video Camera Inspection, schedule an appointment with Leaside Plumbing today!