Natural Gas Services in Toronto

Working with natural gas requires a licensed, certified and insured professional due to the potential hazards of dangerous gas leaks and definitely not a DIY project for any homeowner. Any mistakes during installation can become serious hazards.

Leaside Plumbing and Heating is committed to the safety of your home. With our expertise, you only need to make one phone call for natural gas piping services.

TSSA Certified

Leaside Plumbing and Heating are TSSA Certified technicians, fully qualified and insured to install natural gas appliances in the GTA. The Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) is the agency entrusted with the safety of Ontario natural gas piping.


They audit us every three years to ensure we follow the latest safety procedures and installation guidelines and abide by the regulatory requirements for all of our natural gas piping work. Their approval confirms we put safety first, following the most recent regulatory guidelines and are always updating our knowledge.


Be assured that we continue to raise our standards. You can depend on us. You have a right to feel safe when arranging gas stove installation. Always make sure that the company you use has been certified by the TSSA.

Gas Appliances and Barbecues

Leaside Plumbing offers gas piping for all types of gas appliances, and we are the specialists to call when you are planning to install a new barbecue.

Barbecue and Outdoor Gas Lines


Book an appointment with one of our licensed technicians to run a new barbecue gas line for you, from either the furnace room or gas meter.


We don’t recommend running it from another gas line (fireplace, for example) as they often don’t have the capacity to handle the addition of a barbecue.


We can also ensure enough capacity to include more than just a barbecue, so you can consider patio heaters, or even add a gas fireplace to your deck.


Schedule a visit from one of our gas piping experts to discuss your options – if you need to have piping altered or relocated, you can count on us for efficient and hassle-free service.


We have been servicing barbecues in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for more than thirty years.

Gas Stove Installation


Every gas stove that we fit is installed to the highest of standards, for both energy efficiency and safe use throughout the years to come.


We’re there for every part of the process, including installing the gas lines that are needed to get your stove up and running.


Whether replacing your existing gas stove or installing one in a whole new location, we have all of the right tools to do the job properly without taking risks or cutting corners.


Keeping you safe is our top priority, with work that you can trust in your home or business.

Need to Be Up and Running Quickly?


If you’re currently without essential cooking equipment, you don’t need to be without it for weeks.


We can usually book a next-day appointment if you need your new stove installed quickly at a time that works for you.


Of course, installing a new gas stove is a job that shouldn’t be rushed.


You can trust us to take our time so that the work is done properly.


Some installations are quick and easy if the gas pipes are already in place, while others require some behind-the-scenes work to install a brand new appliance.

If Possible, Schedule in Advance

Ideally, you should book your installation in plenty of time. We may need to put in some initial pipework so it’s best to have this in place with plenty of time to spare.

By calling for a quote and booking a visit, you can make sure that everything is ready.

We can install a brand-new gas stove in a space where there’s no existing pipework or we can replace your existing stove or cooker with a newer and more efficient model.

Gas stove installation must be carried out to the highest safety standards.

We won’t rush this important job but will work as quickly as possible.

Our customers recommend us, with great reviews you can rely on straight from the people that matter.

We’re the top choice for efficient and professional gas stove installation in Toronto.


Contact Us: 416-423-8682

Gas Leak Services in Toronto

Dealing with winter weather is a fact of life here in Canada, and the cold climate brings its own set of seasonal plumbing problems. A frozen pipe in the middle of winter is more than just an inconvenience of the loss of water. Water expands in an unprotected pipe, which can cause it to rupture or burst, resulting in major flood damage to your home.

Gas lines provide an uninterrupted supply of gas to your hot water heater, furnace, dryer, stove-top and in some cases, fireplace. To keep your family safe, proper maintenance is vital. But because of potentially serious dangers, we don’t recommend homeowners work with gas lines as a DIY project.


Gas leaks are usually caused by faulty or poorly fitted appliances that have not been properly maintained causing gas to escape from the hose that leads into the appliance. This can be one of the most dangerous problems to occur in any home. 


If you suspect you have a gas leak, the first thing you should do is call a qualified gas fitter. A gas leak can cause a fire, explosion or carbon monoxide poisoning. So it is important to use a licensed technician for any work related to gas lines.


At Leaside Plumbing, we have both the expertise

and the equipment to fix any gas leak problem.

How To Deal With A Gas Leak

Turn off the gas supply at the meter.

Open all windows and doors so fresh air can circulate.

Leave your home before calling a licensed plumber or 911.

Avoid using lights, appliances and electronics including cell phones. 

Do NOT smoke or use matches inside or near the home.

You should not attempt to find source or fix gas leaks yourself.

Gas Leak Test for Prevention


Gas leak testing is important preventative maintenance.


Air is pumped into the entire gas system to ensure there are no leaks or faulty lines.


Repeated tests are performed to ensure your home is safe, and we fully test and tag new piping systems.

Gas Leak Detection

The first line of defense is to identify the source of the problem and we have the right equipment to detect a leak (or faulty line).

Not only do we isolate the location of a leak, but we also check all the appliance fittings to make sure no other problems exist.

You can count on Leaside Plumbing to keep your home safe.

Gas Leak Repair

Do not try to troubleshoot or fix a gas leak yourself.

Not only is it dangerous, but you could also make the problem worse. If you suspect you have a gas leak problem, call us immediately!

At Leaside Plumbing we like to educate our customers during a scheduled visits.

We happily provide you with important safety tips and information

about the gas lines that run throughout your home.

We are here to help.

Red Tag Clearance Services in Toronto

At Leaside Plumbing, we are licensed and equipped to repair and restart

your natural gas appliances or piping system.

What is a Red Tag?

A red tag is a product warning tag placed on a gas appliance indicating it needs to be repaired or replaced.

In some cases, the gas may have to be turned off by a licensed gas technician as a safety measure because the defective appliance could be hazardous to the residents of the home.

Warning tags are issued on appliances or piping systems that use natural gas. If a hazard exists, the technician will also notify your local utility company once the tag has been applied. This prevents the danger that may occur from a gas leak or other immediate danger or potential threat.

Classifications of Tags


  • Type A – Indicates a severe problem and an immediate danger to the home. The technician is required by law to turn off the natural gas right away.

  • Type B – This warning tag indicates the appliance or piping needs to be repaired or replaced, but there is no immediate danger to the home. The natural gas is not turned off, but your utility company is contacted. You have a set period of time to address the problem. If not fixed within that time, the natural gas will be turned off.

Have you been red-tagged?

If you have received a red tag, you should contact Leaside Plumbing immediately!

We have expert technicians who are fully licensed to deal with natural gas and will inspect your equipment safely and efficiently.

Any recommendations that we make for additional repairs or replacements are firmly grounded in our concern for your welfare.